Our Breads

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Our breads

We offer a variety of breads, just not all at the same time.  We are a micro bread bakery, not your conventional commercial bakery.  We are tiny, 744sq ft to be exact.  The dough for our bread is started in a small mixer and finished by hand.  The flour we choose to use is mostly North East regional grain from New York, Vermont and Maine.  We supplement a portion with King Arthur brand flour with the hopes to transition to a fully stone-ground operation. 

Each bread in our repertoire contains stone ground, freshly-milled flour milled by one of our selected millers or by us.  Our bread selection varies with a few constant staples; Long Beach Sourdough, Country Sandwich, French Country, Baguettes, Croissants and Pain au Chocolate.  With the exception of our Brioche, Baguettes and Croissants EVERYTHING is naturally leavened, meaning, all of our breads are sourdough breads.  Something to be noted, our breads keep longer when sliced when needed.  We do not have a bread slicer and we DO NOT slice bread.  Please respect this policy prior and post purchasing our bread.

If you have more specific questions regarding our flour, baking procedures, etc, please email us at info@blacksmithsbreads.com.