What is this place?  It's a question we are often asked.  We call ourselves a micro-bread bakery and coffee house.  What does that mean?  Well, we're not quite a bakery, not quite a coffee shop and not quite a restaurant.  We do however have elements of all three.  We do make bread, we do serve food and we do make a mean espresso.  Our menus change quite frequently so please don't get too attached to any one thing.  We don't have gas burners or a deep fryer which means we are forced to get a little creative with what we prepare, so far we are having a lot of fun with it.  During the week our Rustic style breads are baked after our enriched breads, usually going into the ovens by 10am.  In our experience most people are not buying rustic styles before then and this allows us to offer a fresher loaf to our guests throughout the day.  We are a small team just getting situated in our space for the very first time.  We take small, calculated steps and ask for your patience as we get a lay of our land.
-Ray, Black, Shane, Sean

  1. How big is your store? --- Tiny, we are 744 square feet and that includes our kitchen area. 

  2. How many seats do you have? --- 16, more outside in the warmer months.

  3. How big is your team? ---Small, but we are growing. Our staff is great. Expect to regularly see Ray, Black and Sean as well as our baristas Arielle, Caitlin, Ellie, Emma and Katherine.

  4. Do you have a phone number? ---Yes, it is 516.632.8738. Please note that we cannot answer our phone during peak hours. Please understand that you will be asked to leave a voicemail which we will return within 24 hours.

  5. How do I get information about you? --- 99.9% of questions we are asked can be answered here.

  6. When are you open? --- We serve food until 2pm on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday through Friday from 7am - 5pm. Saturday from 8am - 5pm, Sunday from 8am - 3pm.

  7. What is your address? --- 870 W. Beech St Long Beach, NY 11561. It is on the corner of Delaware and Beech St. right next to the women's clothing store Reign.

  8. Do you have a sign? ---Yes, we have a giant anvil in the stone. Our address is posted and there are two window signs that read "Blacksmith's Breads".

  9. We couldn't find you because you didn't have a sign! --- We have a sign now, quit yer belly achin'.

  10. What kind of breads do you make? --- All kinda breads, but not everyday. We change it up based on what we feel like baking. We are not a conventional bakery with every assortment on hand at all times. We are just too small to make a wide assortment of breads.

  11. I hear you sell out often, can I reserve a bread? --- We are sorry but we cannot hold bread for customers. We offer a bread share program that will guarantee you a Long Beach Sourdough and a specialty loaf each week, see the link above for details.

  12. Where are your breads? - On a display shelf just behind the display case as you walk in.

  13. Do you have a bread slicer/Do you slice bread? --- No, we do not have a bread slicer. We also do not slice bread in our store. Our naturally leavened bread will have lasting freshness if sliced when needed. Please respect our policy as it is non-negotiable.

  14. Do you cater? --- Yes, we offer catering services tailored to your needs depending on the size of the engagement. Remember, we are small so we can only take on so much without suffering loss of quality.

  15. Will you be hosting classes? ---Yes, classes will start again in the Fall.

  16. Are you open? --- If the blinds are up and the door is unlocked, then yes.

  17. Are you closed? --- If the blinds are down, the sign says "Closed", and aggressive Punk or Hip Hop is blasting then yes, yes we are closed.

  18. Where do I order? --- At the checkout counter to the left of the display case where the register is. There will usually be someone standing there greeting you.

  19. You're kind of a wise a$$ --- Well?

  20. Can I bring my kids in? --- Absolutely, we encourage it.

  21. Do you have artificial sweeteners for my coffee? --- We do not carry artificial sweeteners, our calorie-free option is Stevia.

  22. Are you still Cash Only? --- Yes, we have installed an ATM for easy access.

  23. I don't carry cash on me? --- Perhaps you should start keeping a little around in case an extraordinary lightning storm knocks out all electronic transaction processes or Anonymous decides to "hack the world" (What movie?). Well, we also have a Loyalty Rewards Program in which you can add credit to your account and redeem Points and/or Credits. Redeem with a rewards card, email address or by scanning a QR Code.

  24. Where is the light in the bathroom? --- On the left wall with the wallpaper on it.


Raymond Smith and Michael Blackburn.


870 W. Beech St
Long Beach, NY 11561