What's Happening at the shop?

We're cooks, we like to stay moving.  We have lots of plans for our first year in operation but like any good magician, we can't give you everything at once.  This is the page to check-in to if you would like to know about all the fun stuff we have up our sleeves.



The answer to one of the most popular questions we are asked is, "Of course we will be offering classes".  Check back regularly for additions and updates!  Adding Pasta and Pastry Classes soon.


Breads and Spreads @ barrier brewery

Beer and Bread, two different foods made from the same ingredients through fermentation.  We invite you to join us for one of these special evenings where we pair our favorite beers with some of our favorite breads and more!


bread house bakes

Are you an avid home-baker?  Join us as we pay tribute an event that took place in villages all across Europe for hundreds of years.