These bags could have your bread in them.

These bags could have your bread in them.

Community Supported Bread
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Community Supported Bread

Begins March 1st - Join Now

Our first run at a CSB went fantastically well.  The execution was pretty easy, aside from Ray driving loaves around every Monday when school had just let out in his Honda Civic.  This time around we are hoping it will be even easier since, you know, we have an actual store to pick it up from.  

What is it exactly?  It's modeled after the farmer's Community Supported Agriculture program in which loyal customers pay upfront for a weekly allocation of farm fresh vegetables.  The process of paying upfront helps the farmers square away last minute necessities while also helping them to better understand and serve their customers needs.  By paying in advance the customer not only receives a better cost value on their purchase but they are also guaranteed a box of delicious vegetables, meat, eggs, etc waiting for them.  

Our CSB functions very much in the same way.  We ask those wishing to participate to purchase a membership of EIGHT WEEKS.  Just before the six week mark you will be given an opportunity to renew (secure your spot) or relinquish (release your spot to someone else) your membership for the next round.  

What's included?  Each week you will receive a standard size Long Beach Sourdough loaf (>1.5 pounds) as well as a smaller loaf  that will vary from week to week based on the weeks offerings.  The idea is that you receive a staple signature loaf while having the ability to try our rotating stock of creative offerings.  The value of this membership is estimated between $120 - $130, a savings of $30-$40 per household per period.  Upon joining please list all SERIOUS allergies only.  

Watch this video of Don Guerra from Barrio Bread in New Mexico.  He recently opened up his own brick and mortar, heavily credited to the support from his CSB.  Don is certainly an inspiration to us and bakers throughout the nation.