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Intro to Sourdough

This class is meant for those wishing to take their bread making to the next level by incorporating healthy, sourdough breads into their lives.  In this course we will discuss the sciences behind naturally leavened breads, starting and maintaining a starter and all the reasons why sourdough bread is just overall better for you. This class will actually be done in two parts.  On Saturday we will mix and shape several sourdough loaves to be retarded overnight in our walk-in refrigerator.  On Sunday, students are invited back between 1pm and 2 pm to score and bake their loaves.  Lecture will take place throughout the night along with refreshments.

This class is intended for the intermediate bread baker.  To ensure that all students are starting from the same level we require the Basics of Bread Making as a pre-requisite unless you can demonstrate a basic proficiency in break baking prior to signing up.  We will not be spending a lot of time on technique as it will be assumed this skill has already been developed.  Email to sign-up.

Students participating in this class will receive a take-home packet of information, Blacksmith's Sourdough Culture, Your own culture to perpetuate, and fresh-milled flour to use in your own bread baking.


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